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Research center

Realco is an innovative company in a cutting-edge sector: industrial biotechnologies. Its R&D department has a dual aim: on the one hand, to maintain Realco’s trend-setting position to ensure its strategy of growth, and, on the other, to maintain Realco’s expertise in the development of enzyme-based products/processes and in their applications.


Realco recherche et développement

The R&D department is constantly working to produce new products, improve existing formulations and develop new applications. The result of this research allows Realco to regularly release innovative products and processes to the market which best meet the specific requirements of customers and consumers. The R&D department also provides significant support to the development and implementation of applications in the field. This allows it to acquire, in return, applied and specific expertise in enzyme-based processes. This visible part of the R&D activity is based on fundamental, active research, over more than 40 years, on cleaning agents, enzymes and their possible applications and uses.


Realco invests up to 15% of its turnover in research. This investment, considered necessary by the company to maintain its position as leader, allows the R&D department to have a high-performance laboratory fitted with modern analytical equipment, e.g. spectrophotometer. The research team is based on complementary career paths: bioengineers, chemical engineers and biochemists.


In order to satisfy the needs of its customers, REALCO offers the expertise of its engineers. They provide expertise in the development and implementation of innovative cleaning and water purification solutions. To advise them and help them in their development projects or in the implementation of enzyme-based solutions, the R&D department offers consultancy, expertise, assessment of product tests and training in the technologies proposed.