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Membrane Technology Platform 2017

Realco/Realzyme will again be presenting at the premiere conference related to membrane filtration technologies (formerly the Membrane Technology Forum). We will be presenting our Fouling Analysis Kit, a tool that tests your system during operation – non-destructive testing – to analyze the type of fouling that is occurring, including biofilm contaminations. To learn more about […]

Identify sources of contamination with our Biofilm Detection Kit

Realzyme’s has a patented technology that allows accurate and fast results for detecting biofilm in your facility. Biofilms are a major concern in F&B facilities as they protect harmful bacteria, which can lead to contamination of products that you produce. Check out our brochure, Realzyme Biofilm Detection Kit, for more information.

Listeria in drains solution

Drains in F&B production facilities are the most common location where Listeria can be found. Listeria is often protected by a layer of biofilm that sanitizers are ineffective against (according to numerous studies, including those from Montana St University’s Center for Biofilm Engineering). Realzyme has an effective, proven, and safe solution ! Take a look at Listeria […]

Enzybrew 10, featured in Craft Beer & Brewing

If you want to guarantee optimum hygiene in your microbrewery, you should be using our Enzybrew 10 product.  This enzyme-based detergent offers: Superior cleaning of multiple organic soil types Safe for operators and equipment Can be used on all equipment in your operation (fermenters, tanks, heat exchangers, filters, etc) For additional information, check the product […]