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  • Stop abusive disinfection … use enzymes instead !

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Enzyme detergents

A major discovery of the properties of natural enzymes, which are both excellent cleaners and purifiers, has enabled REALCO to manufacture and sell innovative ENZYME-BASED products. These products have applications in both cleaning and water treatment.

An enzyme is a protein.

This natural material is not living but produced by fermentation (bacteria, yeast or fungus). It is necessary for any life. Its biodegradability is 100%.


Enzymes are a powerful cleaning agent

Enzymes transform organic substances irreversibly into water-soluble residue. It is this action which means that enzymes are considered a powerful cleaning agent.

enzyme action

Enzymes are a powerful purifying agent

Enzymes transform organic matter into smaller, water-soluble residue. This broken-down residue is easier for bacteria to assimilate. The bacteria then transform the residue into natural substances during the purifying process.

Enzyme action 2

Based on this discovery, Realco/Realzyme has developed the “Enzymes clean, enzymes purify” concept which incorporates purification right from the cleaning stage. Enzyme-based cleaning therefore has a positive impact on the environment by contributing to the treatment of waste water.


  • Enhanced cleaning efficiency
  • Better hygiene: In-depth cleaning allows a targeted and controlled disinfection
  • Safe for users = Neutral pH, non-irritant
  • Extending the working life of equipment and installations = Non-aggressive for the equipment and facilities
  • Cost savings = Time saving
  • Positive impact on waste water (pre-purification)
  • Sustainability = Renewable raw materials (biodegradation > 98%), positive impact on the environment