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Legal information


By accessing and using the REALZYME website, you accept these terms and conditions of use without restriction or reservation.

If any of the provisions of these conditions should turn out to be not applicable or contradictory to a provision of mandatory law, this shall remain without effect on the validity and applicability of the other provisions.


The user formally acknowledges that the presentation, content, and all information and data contained on the Realzyme website are protected by intellectual and industrial property rights and remain the property of Realzyme and its information suppliers.

Any presentation, reproduction, distribution, sale, publication, modification, or use of the Realzyme website and its contents, whether in whole or in part, are prohibited without prior written authorization from Realzyme. It is also prohibited to store this information in electronic form, except for automatic saving in the cache of a browser, or to use it for illicit purposes.

The user shall not use the Realzyme website in a manner likely to cause an affront to public decency, losses to third parties, or damage to Realzyme’s image, in particular by inserting incorrect information or offensive comments.


Information is provided to the user in raw form, without any explicit or implicit guarantee, as part of a free public service. The information comes from the most reliable sources possible, and is subject to reasonable analysis.

Realzyme will endeavour to correct any errors brought to its attention. Realzyme and its information providers do not guarantee that the information is accurate, exhaustive, appropriate, or up to date. Realzyme accepts no liability in the event of error or omission in the information supplied by it or by third parties and made available to users on the Realzyme website.

Realzyme cannot be held responsible for decisions made or actions taken by the user based on the information or data provided.

Realzyme therefore accepts no liability for errors or admissions, either with regard to the user or with regard to third parties for any direct, indirect, or incidental losses, for lost earnings, lost opportunities, or any other losses caused by its negligence or omissions in the supply, collection, presentation, writing, interpretation, mention, and distribution of information or data via these services, even if Realzyme has been notified of the possibility that such losses might occur.


Realzyme and its information suppliers cannot be held responsible for losses resulting from viruses in any form, bugs, or any program or application that might be incompatible with the infrastructure used by the user, or for losses to the user due to a breakdown, interruption or error, update, repair, inspection, maintenance, technical problem, interrupted telephone connection or related services, overload, negligence or error by a third party or the user, or for any events outside the control of Realzyme.

The circumstances mentioned above cannot under any circumstances give rise to any financial compensation. The user recognizes that Realzyme has the right to suspend the availability of the website at any time for maintenance or update purposes.


The Realzyme website contains links to other websites that might interest the user. All links are given for information only, and Realzyme provides no guarantee whatsoever concerning any other website the user might visit via the Realzyme site.

The presence of a link to another website does not under any circumstances signify that Realzyme endorses its contents or accepts any responsibility for the contents or use of the information found on that other website.

Moreover, the user is responsible for taking any necessary precautions to ensure that whatever he/she selects and uses is free of any destructive elements such as viruses.


Realzyme may modify the information contained on its portal site at any time, without notice.


Special note concerning the presentation of Realzyme products and services where prices are mentioned: the user expressly acknowledges that information on Realzyme products and services may contain omissions or inaccuracies (caused by input errors, in particular) or may contain references to products that are no longer available.

Orders for a service or product via the Realzyme website are subject to the general terms and conditions of the contract of sale or rental in force at Realzyme.


In accordance with the law dated 8 December 1992 concerning the right to privacy, any person or company that sends information via the Realzyme site many indicate its refusal to allow that information to be used for direct marketing.


Information sent by users in the context of participating in one of the Realzyme competitions may be used by Realzyme and its subsidiaries for marketing purposes.

Only the contact details of the winners may be sent to the company that helps with the competition if it wishes to send the prizes itself.


Commercial companies that are not Realzyme customers may ask to be listed in the Realzyme database. The acceptance or non-acceptance of a site’s references and the decision of which category to place it in are the sole prerogative of Realzyme, which shall never be obliged to explain its decision in this matter.

Moreover, Realzyme accepts no liability concerning the contents of websites listed in its database. Realzyme reserves the right to use all or part of its database (customers and non-customers) for sales or promotional purposes, without any obligation to request prior authorization.

The fact of registering a website on the Realzyme portal implies acceptance of the present conditions.