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Biofilm treatment

Biofilms are nests of bacteria that can grow on many surfaces in the food industry:work surfaces, conveyors, cooling coils, exchangers, tanks, drains/pipes, membrane filters, etc. This can cause serious contamination of the finished products, leading to adverse consequences such as the closure of production lines, resulting in major financial losses.

Realzyme offers a curative treatment with BIOREM enzymatic cleaning: customized approach for open surfaces and cleaning in place. Thanks to the BIOREM range, our experts will help you eliminate contaminations related to the presence of a biofilm. An appropriate cleaning and disinfection protocol will be established to ensure the total eradication of the biofilm from your facilities.

This innovative program allows a level of hygiene and decontamination to be obtained which is not possible with conventional cleaning solutions, thus increasing shelf life and improving the quality of finished products.