• Guaranteeing optimum hygiene in your facilities by detecting and eliminating biofilm contaminations

  • Mastering an efficient cleaning… until decontamination

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  • Stop abusive disinfection … use enzymes instead !

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Membrane filtration

Enzymatic cleaning increases the profitability of membrane installations!

Membrane filtration, a complex domain

The field of membrane filtration requires special attention due to its complexity and the high cost of filters. Loss of efficiency can occur quickly due to clogging resulting in slower production flow. In addition, corrosive products can degrade the membranes and reduce their lifetime.

Accurate protocol and appropriate cleaning solutions can increase throughput and productivity.

Perform +: A complete, unique, high-performance program!

  • Increased throughput
  • Extending the life of membranes
  • Industry-specific

How to increase the productivity of the installation? A 2-phase program:

1. The FOULING ANALYSIS KIT (patented technology) provides an accurate diagnosis of the membrane installation. A simple and unique protocol assessing organic, inorganic fouling or the presence of biofilm

  • Identifies the nature of residues that can reduce the efficiency of equipment
  • Determines the cleaning process to be implemented


2. Recommendation of a protocol and enzymatic cleaning solutions adapted to the complexity of the installation.

  • ENZY + Classic: All-in-one enzymatic solutions that are efficient and easy to use. ENZY + Classic is suitable for an installation with little problem in terms of clogging.
  • ENZY + Silver: All-in-one solutions with multiple enzymes. ENZY + Silver has been developed for more complex installations, that is to say with a higher risk of clogging (entering more clogging and high volumetric concentration factor (FCV)).
  • ENZY + Gold: Concentrated solutions with multiple enzymes for specific use. ENZY + Gold offers solutions for very complex installations with very frequent losses in yields (high clogging input and very high FCV).

Biofilm contamination detection and treatment

The 2 phases of the Perform + program also integrate the detection and treatment of biofilm:

1. Detection of biofilm

The FOULING ANALYSIS KIT evaluates, among other things, the presence of biofilm in the installation. It highlights, locates and quantifies contamination:

  • Measurement of ATP concentrations
  • Detection of the presence of bacteria capable of forming a biofilm (SLYM BART ™)
  • Interpretation of bacteriological results

2. Treatment of biofilm

To achieve an optimal level of hygiene of the installations, Realco offers a range of products offering curative and preventive treatments of biofilms. The BIOREM range is a complex and very specific enzymatic cocktail which cleans and prepares the surfaces that biofilm form on. Once the surfaces are properly cleaned, the disinfectant completes the cleaning process.

Perform +: + 30% productivity

Comparison of flow rates and pressures in production in filtration units: Traditional vs. Perform +

A) Productivity results after TRADITIONAL cleaning

The membranes begin to clog rapidly, causing a drop in production flow. The pressure must be increased to maintain a required level of productivity.

The level of production has fallen by almost 25% compared to the production start-up rate.

B) Productivity results after cleaning with PERFORM +

Thanks to PERFORM +, the flow rates at the start of production are maintained without increasing the pressure. The production flow is more constant and increased productivity by 30% (click on graphs for larger images) !