• Guaranteeing optimum hygiene in your facilities by detecting and eliminating biofilm contaminations

  • Mastering an efficient cleaning… until decontamination

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  • Stop abusive disinfection … use enzymes instead !

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Contamination treatment

Biofilms represent a major source of contamination. A biofilm is a nest of bacteria that are protected by an organic matrix and therefore are resistant to traditional cleaning and disinfection methods. The Biofilms Treatment KITCHEN enzyme-based detergent will optimally clean and prepare the surfaces for application of a disinfectant/sanitizer (biocide). The bacteria/micro-organisms will then be killed during the disinfection stage of the biofilm treatment process. As a result, the combination of our cleaning solution with an EPA-registered sanitizer will fully remove a biofilm contamination.


Benefits are:

  • Better decontamination of kitchen surfaces and equipment:
    • Powerful enzymatic solution
    • Guarantees decontamination when used in conjunction with the Cleaning Control Kit KITCHEN
  • Non-corrosive to equipment and users