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Realco featured in “Life Sciences” (France) magazine

Realzyme’s parent company, Realco, was just featured in the September edition of a French magazine “Life Sciences“. A link to the full, online version is available here: Life Sciences, September 2022. Go to page 13 for the article. Below is a copy of the text translated (by Google Translate) to English:


Enzymes, rulers against biofilm

The pharmaceutical industry has the fundamental objective of combating all forms of contamination. This struggle begins within its factories and production lines.

Based in Louvain-la-Neuve, Realco is a Blackman family-owned company. Today Realco employs about fifty people in Belgium, with an international influence, in particular via a branch in the USA. Originally the company had developed and patented enzymatic solutions against biofilm by targeting the agri-food and collective catering sectors.

For two years, Realco has adapted these solutions based on green chemistry, guaranteeing the absence of contamination for the life sciences sector. Manufacturers, including pharma, being faced with a problem similar to that of the agri-food industry: a loss of control over their production due to the persistence of biofilms, which are defense mechanisms of micro-organisms making them resistant to conventional disinfectants. Traditional chemical solutions are not able to overcome these defenses.

Innovative solution

Benoît Duculot, Head of the Innovation & Technology Center Department at Realco, explains that the solution proposed by his
company consists of a “cocktail of enzymes capable of totally degrading these biofilms. In two years, we carried out about fifty effective interventions in the pharmaceutical field”.

The life sciences market is closely regulated with specific regulations and standards. Realco technology has gone through the various necessary approval processes to meet these requirements. “It is essential that no residue of our solutions can end up in  the final products of our clients. In this regard, our green technology has allowed us to exceed the limits of traditional chemistry”.